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The Slap Head Society is a place where all bald men can come to be proud of their shiny heads. We are an exclusive society with strict standards where only the receding or hairless may join! However, we also welcome fans of slapheads on our Facebook page. We do not seek cures, we will not wear wigs. Join us and be proud of your shiny dome! Joining the society is free for all bald men, however we encourage full certification of your slap head to ensure authenticity. Please visit the shop to buy your certificate.

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The Slap head society is an exclusive place. But we welcome fans of Slapheads and also those balding men in denial, or waiting for baldness to come. When you're ready, you can join too.

Famous Slap Heads


Name: Bruce Willis
DOB: 19/03/1955
Type: El Classico

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