Our Mission

Our mission is simple - To make bald men everywhere proud of their slap heads!

If you’re a bald man, or accepting that you’re in the ‘at risk’ group of receding hairlines then come, join us. Basic membership is free and comes with many benefits but you can also buy a certificate for yourself, a friend, your dad or husband to ratify them as a full member of this prestigious society.

The Slaphead Society started life high in the Swiss Alps on a cold snowy night... This sounds more like the beginnings of a more sinister group of ‘badies’ from a bond film, but it really did happen like that. Whilst sitting around the table in a chalet a couple of fast receding slap heads decided (helped with a bit of wine) that going bald was our fate and there was nothing we could do about it. So why not embrace the baldness and form a society for all the others baldies who also don’t really care!?

The site potentially could be the biggest ‘gentlemen's club’ in the world with estimates suggesting that there are 1.6 billion bald men in the world which makes us the single largest tribe in the world!

Support our mission and join us!